Hardware Cost Breakdown

All part prices include shipping charges for parts which can't be obtained locally and taxes for those that can. If you know where to get something  cheaper, tell me! Also see the notes section below for more options.

Last Update: 04/07/2002

Core PC DJB Plus DJB Standard
Seagate Barracuda ATA IV 40.0GB 100  
    Cheap 5400 RPM Harddrive 40G (500 CDs)   90
Black Desktop Case (3x5.25 bay)


    Beige Desktop Case (3x5.25 bay)    40
    Professional Black Paint Job (local body shop est.)   40
CD RW Drive, Black Bezel


    Teac 40x CD-ROM Black Bezel   30
Jetway 601CF Motherboard 40 40
Cyrix C3 900MHz Processor


    Cyrix C3 700MHz Processor   45
256MB PC133 DIMM 50 50
SB Live Value + Digital I/O


    Motherboard Audio + Audio Transformer   20
Network/Video 15 15
Round Cables


New PC Sub 590 360
Jutebox Accessories  
IRMAN + Remote


Packard Bell Fast Media Remote Control   12
CrystalFontz 20x4 LCD + PC Mounting Bracket 100 100
Accessories Sub 150 112
Total 740 472
Silent Drive Enclosure +40  
2x16 Crystal Font LCD & Mounting kit -20  
Harddrive 60G (700 CDs) +30  
Harddrive 80G (1000 CDs) +50  
Harddrive 100G (1200 CDs) +120  
Addtron AWA-100 Wireless PCI Network Adaptor +120  
10.4" Active Matrix LCD (640 X 480 Touchscreen) +900  


Disk Drive

When pricing parts, don't forget shipping and taxes.  Disk drive prices fluxuate faster than I can update this matrix.

CD Disk Space estimation based on Hi Fidelity encoding.  As a general rule of thumb: 

Studio Quality (average 256kps) = 6 CDs/ 1 Gig

 HiFi (average 160kps = 12 CDs / 1 Gig

 Radio (average 128kps) = 20 CDs / 1 Gig.  

Your mileage may vary.


The current case is the cheapest 3 bay Desktop case I could find.  The paint job is done by a local auto-body shop, so purchasing a black one out the door is of little value.   There are a couple of other options you can go with.  First of all feel free to pick you own case if you want something smaller.  Barber has a very nice selection of low-profile desktop cases.  This may require the LCD to be in a separate enclosure, which may be beneficial for viewing.  Note the prices don't touch the $40 I can get the current case for.  Another very nice case is the all Aluminum Cooler Master available from Directron. This could be configured with a 2x16 character LCD for a very nice looking device.  Unfortunately, the price for the case alone is $220+.  The 16x2 LCD does knock $20 off the LCD price.